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Newsgroups (discussion forums) are available for discussing issues related to the products from this website. On them you may post your questions, observations, ideas for new features, and reports of possible bugs.

Web-based interface to the newsgroups

Before posting for the first time, please read over the Usage Guidelines. Also, it is highly recommend that you read the essay How To Ask Questions The Smart Way to increase the chances of getting quality responses to your questions. (Note: The authors of the aforementioned essay have nothing to do with the products from this website; do NOT send them any e-mail about these products.)

Search the newsgroup archives (please try this before asking a question)

Newsgroup Available Interfaces Description
jrsoftware.innosetup Web | NNTP Discussion of issues related to Inno Setup.
jrsoftware.innosetup.code Web | NNTP Discussion of issues related to Inno Setup's [Code] section and Pascal Scripting.
jrsoftware.innosetup.thirdparty Web | NNTP Announcements and discussion of third-party add-ons for Inno Setup.
jrsoftware.innosetup.translations Web | NNTP Announcements and discussion of translations for Inno Setup.
jrsoftware.toolbar2000 Web | NNTP Discussion of issues related to Toolbar2000.
jrsoftware.toolbar2000.thirdparty Web | NNTP Announcements and discussion of third-party add-ons for Toolbar2000.
jrsoftware.misc Web | NNTP Discussion of anything else.
jrsoftware.test Web | NNTP If you need to test if your newsreader's posting functionality is working properly, post a message in this group, which is designated for that purpose. Posts in this group are not archived and are expired quickly. Do not post test messages in any of the other groups.

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Usage Guidelines

  1. When posting through a newsreader, note that the e-mail address configured in your newsreader is visible to all readers of the newsgroup. If you do not wish to share your real e-mail address, set your newsreader's e-mail address to user@domain.invalid (or something else @domain.invalid).
  2. Attachments are allowed in all of the groups, but note that articles greater than 40 KB in size are rejected because they draw too much bandwidth. If you have a large file that you would like to share with fellow newsgroup readers, you should upload it to a web site and post a link to the file. (Please don't split articles into multiple parts to circumvent the size restriction.)
    Note that certain types of attachments are automatically rejected: EXE/COM (as they may be viruses/worms) and BMP. When posting images, use PNG or GIF instead of BMP since they are compressed formats.
  3. Please do not post in HTML, unless it's absolutely necessary to demonstrate a point. HTML posts are usually just a waste of bandwidth and disk space, and not all newsreaders support HTML.

Other Notes

  • Canceling posts is not permitted for security reasons.

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